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"Speezy Says" Week Two: Grind, Bro, and Homie

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Last week, we started examining the tweets of "Machiavellian Man" Marreese Speights and found them to be very enlightening. I hope you did as well. Let's see what Mo Speezy had to say since we last spoke, bro.

Why so many Philly girls have fat stomachs in no caks. Ugh Philly cheesesteaks

Cheesesteaks lack nutritional value.

bro one of my fav people on some bs right now bro but it's cool they get they self together .

A friend of mine isn't acting quite like himself, but I'm confident whatever issues he is going through, he'll get passed them and I will support him regardless.

This year is all about grinding in wining I will go hard every game in every minute just can't wait.

My dancing really is incomparable, haven't you heard?


World of Omnipotent Warfare.

@chocolatelegz1 u to

University of Toronto.

Yo this kid name Lil p-nut is nice omg check him out on worldstarhiphop

Peanut allergies are unfortunate, but hip hop music is enjoyable.

Now u wanna trash my name because I am off that. That's what's up

Don't dare besmirch my good name, sirs.

It look like Florida out here with all this rain

I clearly don't understand what weather is like in the northeast.

Thanks for another great week, Marreese! Stay on your grind, bro! Homie!