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Worst Possible Outcomes

If a tree team falls wins in the forest Palace, but nobody's watching, does it make a sound count?

I admittedly watched exactly none of this game.  I haven't even seen a highlight.  So I'm allowing my frustration for a different team write this recap for me.  Congrats Jordan for a well-deserved win.  After watching the past two weeks, it's amazing to me that the Eagles even won a game all season.  But that's for another thread.

The Sixers beat a woeful Pistons team on the road, spurred by a 26 point halftime lead.  This marks the 12th straight loss for Detroit, dropping them to within a half game of us in the loss column.  I'd say their nausea-inducing season is even more surprising than ours considering the amount of talent they have, both young and old.  However, they're dealing with a new coach just as we are, and seem to be going through intense growing pains.

Anyway, tonight the 11-win 76ers were led by 25 points off the bench by Elton Brand on 10-16 shooting.  I'm not really sure who he matched up against, but I'm gonna guess it was Charlie Villanueva for most of it, who has no business trying to cover EB.  Dalembert logged another good game, shooting 8-9 from the field with 16 points and 9 boards in a team leading 38 minutes of action (!).  While Sam played almost the whole game, Marreese Speights spent only 6 minutes on the court, grabbing 4 boards and keeping his psyche relatively in tact against a very light Pistons frontcourt.

The combination of Willie Green, Lou Williams, and Jrue Holiday went for 35 points shooting over 50% and a startling 5-6 from beyond the arc.  Jrue had 6 assists and no turnovers while having a hand in containing Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey.  26 minutes for Jrue is good, 6 minutes for Mo is not.  At this point, we'll take what we can get.  Unfortunately, what we got was a win against a team that could end up finishing with a worse record than us, and a better shot at a high draft pick. 

My apologies for the lack of humor, wit, and character that usually pepper my writing. Sorry this sucked.  It was a painfully tough night.  Your hometown boys face Chris Paul and the Hornets at home on Monday.  We're tied with Indiana with the second worst record in the league, but Detroit, Golden State, and Washington are threatening to suck harder.  God speed, Mr. Jordan.  God speed.

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