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Sixers blow another double-digit lead; fall to Raptors

The Sixers blew yet another big lead tonight, and since I'm currently rooting against them, I can't lie and say that I'm upset -- and I'm certainly not surprised. Each loss earns the Sixers another ping, and right now the they're piling 'em up like a frat boy in a beer pong tournament. The list of reasons the Sixers lost tonight's game is never-ending, and honestly they're all irrelevant because they begin and end with someone or something that we won't get into. Wink.

As for the players, only a few impressed tonight.

Andre Iguodala was one of them, as he usually does. He dominated the game on both ends of the floor for most of the night. Incredible court vision and passing, great rebounding from his position, very good defense and dazzling transition offense. These are the things you can expect from Andre Iguodala on a nightly basis, and the entire arsenal was in full effect tonight. Who cares if he's not a "superstar" scorer in the half-court? This man is good. It's too bad he's wasting his prime on the Sixers. For the love of basketball, trade 'Dre to a contender! Please!

Lou Williams was very impressive on the offensive end. He's actually been surprisingly consistent all year minus the broken jaw. Watching him play next to Iverson makes me feel like I'm watching twins. They're basically the same player with Lou having a little more athletic ability and Allen having a little more basketball IQ when it comes to drawing fouls and such. Unfortunately I don't think Lou will ever be a dominant offensive player like Allen was once upon a time.

Speaking of Allen Iverson, he was equally impressive on offense tonight, but who cares, he has no future with this team and he's old. I'm not going to waste my time breaking down Iverson's season-high on a 10-win team. 

Sam Dalembert had stretches of impressive play. He followed up his 20-20 with a 10-10-5. The only good that can come his hot streak is a trade like... *messes around on trade machine* ... *tries more trades* ... ahh nevermind. 

So, four players impressed me tonight. Two of them are old and have no future on the team, one only impressed on one end of the floor, and the last guy impressed me so much that it depresses me that he's wasting away on my favorite team! Welcome to life as a Sixers fan!

One more note from this game: I'm growing tired of Thaddeus Young. He's not good at anything except awkward layups and spiriting to the rim on fast breaks. I realize he's only 21, but how much better is he really going to get? Honestly? Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like we're treating a guy who has the potential of a bench player on a championship team as the key to our franchise.

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