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Sixers beat Nets in an instant classic

Tonight's game between the Sixers and Nets was possibly the worst professional basketball game I've ever watched, and it deserves the worst recap I've ever written.

  • I was openly rooting against the Sixers. They did their best to give the game away. I applaud their effort. But you have to give the Nets credit. They were the worst team on this night. If they had Devin Harris, it might have been a different story.
  • The Sixers shot 36% from the field, 30% from downtown, and 62% from the line.
  • The Nets shot 39% from the field, 31% from downtown, and 80% from the line.
  • Jrue Holiday started the game, played the first 8 minutes, and sat the rest of the game. No injures. No mistakes. No arguments with coaches or teammates. Just Eddie Jordan. On that note, buy you 'Fire EJ' shirts here!
  • The Sixers are moving up in the standings, and towards a full season of Eddie Jordan. Excuse me while I throw up.

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