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Iverson's Return to Denver

That elusive two game winning streak came to an end a few nights ago at the Staples Center. Kate Fagan hops on the pessimistic train in this anti-Eddie Jordan article. While she does campaign for more minutes for Sam Dalembert and Rodney Carney, it's done to show Jordan's cluelessness and complete lack of faith from his players. I can't see him going into next season as our head coach. Hopefully the front office has the same vision.

Anyway we've got a game to play and really that has nothing to do with Eddie Jordan. Denver's sitting at 21-12 and tied with Portland for first in the Northwest, but are losers of 5 of 7. Non-Sixer draftee Ty Lawson has started and played well in Chauncey Billups' stead, putting up spectacular 50-42-81 percentages. While his shot doesn't remind me of Chris Mullin, 42% from beyond is mighty impressive.

I don't think Iverson's return really matters. Maybe some people there liked him, some didn't. He's put up decent numbers so far here, but it doesn't matter. We're not a good team, he's not helping us win games, and he's standing in the way of the development of Lou and Jrue. Should the Sixers choose, I believe Wednesday is the last day we can release him this season since his contract wasn't guaranteed. But I doubt it.

I hope to see better rebounding out of Marreese Speights tonight against a very good rebounding frontcourt in Nene and Kenyon Martin. Also, Denver doesn't have two guys to cover both Thad and Andre. Joey Graham will guard one of them, but the other should have a good game against whoever gets that assignment.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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