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Liberty Links: Where rumors happen

Ford: 10 teams most likely to make a deal

It sounds as if the Sixers are very motivated to make a deal that gives them salary relief right now. They've been dangling Iguodala, once the cornerstone of the franchise, to any team willing to take Samuel Dalembert, too. Cleveland, Dallas and Houston have been mentioned as possible suitors. While Iguodala might be a little overpaid (and Dalembert is way overpaid), both players could help a team. Given that, I have to believe Philadelphia is going to find a way to make this happen.

It's only a matter of time, and I think it's for the best. Coming from a fan who once believed Andre Iguodala was a top 15 NBA player, it comes as a wake up call that teams are hesitant to trade for him because of his contract and/or Dalembert. First, Dalembert's contract isn't terrible anymore. It has a year and a half left and his value will sky-rocket this summer as a coveted "expiring contract". Secondly, if Iguodala was a top 15 NBA player, there's no way teams would hesitate to pull the trigger on a deal where they only have to give up expiring contracts. Either teams underrate him or we, as Sixers fans, severely overrate him

Stein: Trade chatter

Open to any trade that will help them convince LeBron James to stay in Cleveland -- as witnessed by their early season run at Stephen Jackson and their well-chronicled interested in a floor-spacing power forward such as Antawn Jamison or Troy Murphy -- LeBron's Cavs are on the short list of teams that would consider absorbing the four years and $56 million left on Iguodala's contract after this season.

Iguodala, though, is difficult for Philly to move because of all that money he's still owed. Not as difficult as moving Elton Brand or Samuel Dalembert, but all of the teams that like Iguodala - Houston, Dallas and Cleveland are known to have shown varying degrees of interest - have reservations about taking on a deal that big.

Again, having a hard time trading a player as good as Iguodala who's only 26 and has four years left on his deal is interesting.

ESPN Rumor Central: Iguodala for Howard?

Two other teams the Sixers might try and convince to take on Iguodala are Dallas and Cleveland. As Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas noted yesterday, Josh Howard is in a funk and there's a chance he could be dealt. His $10.9 million expiring contract could be traded straight up for Iguodala.

Stefanski also talks about no one on the Sixers being 'untouchable'.

"I will say that we're very active in talking to teams throughout the league, and we're listening to any option to improve the basketball team. When I was in Jersey, and here, I don't think there are untouchables. ... Anyone can get traded in this league, and we've seen it over and over. But we don't trade a player unless we get value back, basketball-wise."

In the language of GMs that means absolutely nothing.

*Note: Rumor central has a list of teams 'interested' in Amare, and the Sixers aren't on the list. Picture_2_medium 

And those who know him best will wonder how the relationship between a city and one of its all-time athletes could have gone so sour.

Frank Fitzpatrick discusses Kobe's relationship with Philadelphia. 

Imagine if Sixers chose Kobe over Iverson in 1996 draft | Philadelphia Daily News 

You look at those four diamond-encrusted championship rings Bryant earned with the Los Angeles Lakers and wonder: Would he have earned at least one with a Sixers logo?

As much as I dislike Kobe, I would have loved having him on my favorite team all these years -- a championship ring would've been nice.

Does Eddie Jordan deserve credit, blame for Sixers' 15-30 record? | Philadelphia Daily News

Does Jordan get credit for bringing Elton Brand off the bench long enough to allow Brand to regain his confidence and rhythm banging with opponents' second-unit big men?

Or does Jordan get blame for not finding ways sooner to put Brand - the $79.8 million free agent - in positions to succeed, even with limited resources?

An interesting and unique way to look at the Eddie Jordan fiasco. 

.333 (Depressed Fan)

No extreme measures should be taken to salvage the season. Every move or non move should be made or not made with nothing but 2010-2011 and beyond in mind. You don't fire Jordan to get more wins this season, you only fire him if you believe, as I do, that he's doing long-term damage to the franchise. You don't make a trade to better the team in the short term, you only do it to create usable cap space, rid the team of an albatross contract or add a piece who will fit with the young core over the long haul.

Brian gives his thoughts on what the Sixers should do for the rest of the season.

Rumor Central: Haiti a factor in potential Dalembert trade?

A few weeks back in his chat, ESPN's J.A. Adande posed this: "Serious question: I wonder if the tragedy in Haiti will have any impact on a decision to move him. He has so much occupying his mind right now it would seem almost cruel to send him packing in the midst of this."

It's certainly a valid point.

But GM Ed Stefanski told the Reporter both parties don't see it as a factor.

"I don't see that playing into it," he told the paper. "Sam's a great person as we all know, and he has been terrific with the situation in Haiti ... he couldn't be a better guy. But if a trade came around and Sam was involved in it, it wouldn't be a factor. I don't see Sam having any issue with that, either."

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