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To the left, to the left.
To the left, to the left.

SBNation has recently partnered with to provide each blog an opportunity to turn creative ideas into t-shirts. Any blog manager who is interested sends their t-shirt idea(s) to WSC and within hours, the t-shirt shows up in the official store of their respective blog.

Considering I've been customizing shoes on NikeID since high school (Cowboys-colored JizziesConverse jsamsOriginal Jizzies), I jumped at the idea to customize t-shirts exclusive to Liberty Ballers. 

Our first t-shirt is as basic as it gets. It has the name of our site (Liberty Ballers) the phrase "Where we lack killer instinct." underneath, and the site's url ( It also comes in the form of a sweater, a hoodie, a tank top, and other variations including youth and womens' sizes. 

Most of you know where the killer instinct quote comes from, but if you don't, read this. Jordan's killer instinct quote ranks up there with "getting after it" and "had a game" with the all-time ridiculous things Jordan says on a regular basis. It's a running joke that if someone doesn't do something well (like me writing this post) they "lack killer instinct", hence the phrase on the t-shirt.

I plan on coming up with new t-shirt designs every once in a while in hopes that we eventually have a full store stocked with Liberty Ballers gear, but I'm not the only one who can come up with designs. If you guys have design ideas (and I know you do) e-mail them to Be as specific or as basic as possible. You're not allowed to use "Sixers" or "76ers" but other than that I think everything is fair game. If you plan on using a picture or logo make sure it's an original and not stolen, and make sure it's saved in PDF file format. 

You can access the store at any time by clicking the picture link at the bottom of the left sidebar (pictured above). 

I'm also thinking of putting a link to this post directly under the store link where you can post your ideas in the comments and people can rec the good ones. 

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