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This Seems Familiar: Pacers/Sixers Rematch

After leaving Conseco Fieldhouse with a 10 point victory on Saturday, the Pacers caboose us home to face EJ and the crew at the Wach. Things to look for:

  • Brand and Jrue starting, Lou and Thad off the bench
  • Jrue getting more than 20 minutes.
  • Iverson getting less than 35
  • Thad continuing his streak (2) of good games in a row
  • Iguodala having a bigger offensive game after not doing much offensively since Brand has taken over
  • Syracuse plays Georgetown at 7. That's not Sixers related, that's just a good game.
  • Apparently this and this
  • I'm overjoyed both Brett Favre and the Jets are no longer in the playoffs.

Enjoy the game, thread it up.

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