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Sixers Win Again, Inch Painfully Towards Playoff Spot

I don't have much time tonight so I'm gonna cop out with some quick bullet points of their victory over the Pacers.

  • Elton Brand played perhaps his best game as a Sixer, hauling in rebounds, displaying his top-notch midrange game, and dishing out his most assists (4) this season.  Start him some more?  K.
  • Jrue Holiday got hurt early, getting faceplanted onto center court by Earl Watson's leg.  After 12 stitches, he came back out to play 11 decent minutes.  I can't really blame Jordan for not playing the kid more after he got hurt.  No reason to risk more discomfort.
  • Thad strung together his second great game, scoring 22 points again in 26 minutes, this time pulling down 10 rebounds, the 6th time he broke double digits in rebounds this season.  He played mostly the 4 against Troy Murphy, and held him to 4-10 shooting.  Keep it up Thaddeus.
  • Willie Green got 30 minutes.  Uhh.
  • I'm pretty sure Lou and Iverson are the same person.  Why we have both on our team is still beyond me.  The combination allowed backup point guard AJ Price to score 17, including 4-4 from beyond.  I'm a big Price fan, but come on man.
  • We forced 21 turnovers.  That's how we used to win ball games.  That's what we need to continue to do in order to win more.  
  • Samuel Dalembert continues to rebound and defend well despite his offensive inconsistency (generous?).  12 rebounds, 4 steals, 2 blocks, and a 1-6, 4 rebound night for Roy Hibbert
  • Despite not scoring 25+ in every quarter, we won again.  I don't know how we do it, there's some sort of conspiracy going on.
  • This was our 4th two-game win streak.  We're 5.5 games from the 8th seed, and currently tied for 6th worst record in the NBA.  After a day off, we take on Indiana again, this time at home.  Hopefully Jrue is all taped up and ready to play more than 20 minutes.
  • Royal Ivey hasn't played in 2010.

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