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Sixers @ Pacers GameThread

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I am a huge Danny Granger fan. If someone can kidnap him and throw a Sixers uni on him, that'd be great, thanks. Supposedly Jordan is going to stay with the same lineup that upset Dallas last night, but hopefully EJ decides to actually play Jrue some good minutes. Thad's coming off a great game, let's see if he can gain some momentum to kickstart the second half. Here's proof Thaddeus Young "wants to win."

If we’re winning, I’m fine. If we’re losing, then I’m unhappy. Very unhappy.

Hold onto him, this guy wants to win.

On a side note, there's tons of college ball on today so use this as a pre-game NCAA discussion thread. Minnesota and Michigan State are putting on a show right now. Nova's up on St. John's. Each time I was Scottie Reynolds I believe he has more and more of a shot to play in the NBA.