Hello Sixers Fans

I have a trade idea that I thought I might pass along your way. Some of your members have already heard my idea but anyway if you could gimme some feedback that would be great. Thanks guys.

Cavaliers get: Troy Murphy

Sixers get: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, T.J. Ford, and Jeff Foster

Pacers Get: Elton Brand, Andre Iguodala

Basically this trade just rides on the idea of the Sixers getting rid of Brand. I think that's what was the catch in the possible McGrady/Iggy move that has made the trade not happen. Brand is fighting for the worst contract in the league at this point (I think he's the runner-up after the Gilbert Arenas incident). Z's 10 mil. contract ends at the end of this year, TJ Ford's and Jeff Foster's end after next season. You have a young team.... and Elton's contract could really kill the next half-decade for you. What do you guys think?

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