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The Battle of Who Could Care Less

While this Ben Folds song refers to a competition between people to show the least effort, while also double entendre-ing to mean a battle that nobody cares about, referring to the audience. Well anyway, that's all for this music lesson, let's get to the game shall we?

Minnesota is a putrid 8-33 at their halfway point in the season, while we boast a 13-26 record, good for a .333 winning percentage. The Wolves, however, have some fat contracts coming off the books after this season that could allow them to pursue a decent free agent. Mark Blount, Brian Cardinal, Antonio Daniels, and Damien Wilkins have expiring contracts totaling 23,876,080 of space. Add in the 5 or so million dollars if they decide not to renew Pecherov, Pavlovic, Alandoooooooo Tucker, and Chucky Atkins and they're up to almost 30 million dollars of disposable contracts.

Despite the Ricky Rubio screwjob this past offseason, Minny did quite a nice job for themselves assembling the young talent they have. Although they would've been thrilled had Indiana accepted their AlJeff-Granger swap, there are quite a few bright spots on this team. Jefferson and Love are a pretty formidable frontcourt, and Flynn and Ellington could be the at the guard spots for the next 5 years. There's talent there. Ryan Gomes always intrigues me, Corey Brewer has stepped it up this season, and Aussie big man Nathan Jawai is a wild card to keep an eye on the next few years. I still don't get the Ramon Sessions signing or playing Wilkins at all, but should they get a guy like Evan Turner in the draft, I think this team could contend in the next few years using what is now referred to as, "the Oklahoma City shuffle." Completely revamping your team and letting the expirings run out so the young guys can develop is a strategy not worshiped by fans, but, with a good draftnik, mostly effective. If Rubio ever comes over, this could be scary.

Anyway I like seeing young teams play and hope the Wolves provide an example for Eddie of how to rebuild a franchise. Although 8-33 isn't a fun time, a few championship runs in 3-4 years will make it plenty worth it. My apologies to Jordan for the whooping Dallas received, but I can't say I wasn't rooting for it, even as much as it pains me to cheer for Brett Favre, my most hated professional athlete (especially since Plax is out and Vick has no significance).

Go Sixers, although a loss to the Wolves may slingshot Jordan out of town. Hope for the best.

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