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Big Board #7

Hopefully we don't fall this far, but it gives us something to talk about for the next 165 days, so we'll keep doing it. Somebody asked for some more descriptions of the players, so I included them in the poll a little. If you want more on either guy, I'd recommend or for player profiles. John's biases towards aside, it has good profiles for what area each player excels or needs work, in addition to current/past players comparisons that give you an idea what to expect.

An additional note: You will see that a lot of these strapping young men are underclassmen. I'm basing this list on who I think has a chance of leaving after this year. When draft time rolls around, there will inevitably be some surprise entries and pull-outs (not sexually speaking of course), and we shall adjust the list accordingly. So until then, let's keep the train a'rolling. Evan Turner takes number 6 handily, but four guys had at least 13 votes. Do it to it Lars.

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