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High/Low Expectations: Lou Williams


Last year I did this all in one post. This year I'm doing it a little differently. For the next 13 days I'll post my best case and worst case scenarios for each player under contract. Don't confuse either scenario with a prediction, because the player will likely fall somewhere in between. You will then vote on the scenario you feel will be the most accurate by season's end and post your official predictions in the comments. Get it, got it, good.

Lou Williams #23 PG

Best case: Lou finally shows that he is a decent NBA point guard, shoots higher than 41%, runs the Princeton Offense effectively, and plays better defense than he has in the past. We all know he can get to the basket, but his shot selection and outside jumper need improvement. I'm crossing my fingers that the main reason he took so many low-percentage shots was because of his role. In previous years he was relied on to come off the bench and provide instant offense. This year he needs to run the offense, rather than be the offense. I think Eddie Jordan, the Princeton Offense and a defined role are the perfect medicine.

Best case stats: 19 points, 5 assists, 44% shooting.

Worst case: Lou continues to take ill-advised shots, shoot 39%, and play mediocre/below-average defense. Lou was quietly up there with Sam Dalembert and Bill Green in the "players who caused the most broken remotes and screaming tantrums" last season. He didn't play particularly well in the last couple games of the Magic series and he left a very bitter taste in my mouth. Eddie Jordan is handing the reigns to Lou and giving him a chance to either succeed or fail, and if Lou falls flat on his face, I think the team is in trouble.

Worst case stats: 13 points, 4 assists, 38% shooting.

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