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Fagan: Iguodala the Point Guard, and Practice Warrior

Throughout the off-season we've had numerous debates on whether Andre Iguodala can or will play point guard this season, and Kate Fagan's recent article might have given us an answer. 

Andre Iguodala said he'd like to play a little point guard this year for the 76ers. "I think we'll be good regardless. This year, I'm trying to be open to everything."

I see this as nothing as good news for the Sixers and Iguodala. Not only does Iguodala possess the team's best court vision and playmaking abilities, but he can also defend a point guard just as well as he can defend a small forward (really well). Moving Iguodala to the one also allows Thad to play his natural position (small forward) and Brand to play his (power forward), so it's beneficial for everyone.

Iguodala also said he had been in the gym endlessly - specifically in the last month - working on various skills, including the "catch-and-shoot" because of new coach Eddie Jordan's pass-and-cut offense.

And this is music to my ears.

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