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Liberty Links: Summer League, Salary Cap and Andre Miller

Wassup playas? Here are your 'Liberty Links' -- special July 9th edition.

The Las Vegas Summer League starts tomorrow, and as a struggling student at UNLV this is my one and only chance to see some quality basketball (sad, I know). Unfortunately, the Sixers bailed and formed a super-horrible team with the Nets ("The Scrapple") in the Orlando Summer League, but Jordan Sams will still be there. 

This will mark the fourth or fifth (it's just one big blur of NBA ecstasy for me) straight year the Vegas Summer League will have a legend like myself in attendance. As always, I'll keep you guys in mind during my time in the musty-smelling Cox Pavillion. My laptop won't be present, but that won't stop me from "tweeting" all over the place. Follow my every move, starting tomorrow and running through next Sunday on Twitter. I fully expect this to be my Twitter-coming out party. (@LibertyBallers)

To get an idea of the quirky stuff that goes on during the Summer League, check out my SL post from my old blog.

Even the LVSL is feeling the effects of the economy. As TrueHoop pointed out this morning, fans will no longer be able to watch the games for free. Instead, you must pay a whopping price of 14.99 if you'd like the chance to watch all 55 games online -- yet another reason to rely on me to provide free coverage. Oh, and before I forget, I won't be the only SBNation blogger in attendance. Here are some more Twitters to follow: @phoenixstan@brewhoop@clippersteve@BulletsForever@canishoopus, and @RidiculousScott.

JUMP to feed the rest of your 'Liberty Links' hunger!

Let me ask again, why the Sixers didn't take a chance on this guy?

TrueHoop on "The Silver Lining of the Salary Cap Cloud". If I read this correctly, the Sixers, along with 23 other teams will receive somewhere north of 9 million dollars in cash by July 29.

The result, is a pretty good recession buster for the owners. At the moment there's nearly $205 million in the escrow account. $194 million of that, according to the memo, will be distributed equally to the 30 teams on July 29 -- meaning each team gets $6,467,847 in cash.


The other 23 teams, however, each get 1/30th of that money back, in cash. That means the 23 teams not listed above are each about to get $2,911,756, which is not a bad little shot in the arm.

What this means, I have no idea. I'm assuming it means nothing more than, each team will have 9+ million dollars in their pocket. Interesting, nonetheless.

Dionte Christmas and Aaron McKie

Kate Fagan does a good breakdown of the Andre Miller situation.

The 33-year-old Miller and his agent, Andy Miller, want a contract in the three-year, $30-million range, while the Sixers are thinking more in the one-year, $6-million range.

I'm with the Sixers on this one. I wouldn't be happy if Miller walked, but I'd be even less happy if they signed him to a 3 year, 30 million dollar deal.

"We're in a situation where we have a young nucleus of guys who have playoff experience, but we're going to grow with them," said Sixers general manager Ed Stefanski. "And to go long term on a contract with an older point guard, we don't see that as being a viable option."

You tell 'em Ed! 

"We have made an offer to Andre and Andy Miller," Stefanski said. "But they're looking for a better offer from other places. And I'd say right now we're in the mode of if there is a sign-and-trade that makes sense for both parties."

As of right now, a sign-and-trade is the best case scenario. To who, and for who is the question.

"Lou Williams is going to have an opportunity here. We've been grooming him for four years," Stefanski said. "We gave him a contract last year to play basketball, so he'll have a great opportunity."

Stefanski said the Sixers would also look to see how first-round pick Jrue Holiday progresses, as well as "obviously going out and looking for a guy at that position, too."

Added Stefanski: "I think we'd look for a veteran who would help and compete for that starting position."

For those of you dreading the thought of Lou Williams starting at the one, it sounds like nothing is set in stone yet. If Miller and his agent continue to ask for an insane contract, I'd like to see the Sixers sign a veteran like John's boy, Brevin Knight.

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