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Top 10 Sixers Games

Since the off-season has been a little depressing -- the past month especially -- I thought it would be enlightening to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about the ten best games of the season. Without further adieu... 

#10: Speights coming out party

This particular game was extra special for me. I had been comparing Marreese to Amare Stoudemire since his first game in the Vegas Summer League, and I stand it to this day. The insane athleticism, the smooth jumper, the powerful dunks, the iffy attitude -- Marreese Speights was Amare Stoudemire. This was Speights' chance to prove himself, and prove my comparison to be true. And he did just that.

Speights finished with a career high 24 points including six, count 'em six vicious slams. Four of Speights' dunks were alley-oops. Some players fail to complete four alley-oops in an entire season, and Speights dropped four of them on the likes of Amare and "The Big Cactus". It was truly magnificent.


Game Thread

Box Score

Not only did Speights make my pre-season comparison look good, but also my pre-game prediction. 

At some point during the game we'll get to see Speights vs. Amare for a 5-minute span, and we will all react like this when we see what M16 has in store for Amar'e with an apostrophe. 

And you wonder why I love Marreese so much! Anyway, enough about me and my lame predictions. Here are highlights from the game.


And here was my first reaction via recap:

Speights said, "5-minute stretch? Boy, I'll give you 24 minutes of beast mode!" He did a little of everything tonight. He rebounded. He dunked. He threw down nasty, nasty alley-oops. He blocked shots. He made his free throws. It was incredible to watch. If nothing else happens for the rest of my sports viewing career, I want Speights to reach his full potential. Then, I'll die a happy sports fan...maybe. 

There you have it, the tenth best game of the 2008-2009 season. Do you agree? Disagree? I strongly encourage you to make your own list, but I ask that you please unveil it as I unveil mine. We don't need anyone spoiling what surprises I might have in store.

Up next: #9

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