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The Off-Season: What would you have done differently?


Photo courtesy of hossticles of Blazer's Edge.

This off-season has been disappointing to many Sixers fans. Some have gone as far as labeling it "Dookie". Here's your chance to show off your GM skillz, and construct the perfect off-season -- hypothetically speaking.

I would like to know what you would have done differently. Everything from the coaching search to the Summer League has to be covered. 

To make it easier for you aspiring GMs, I'll give you six categories to operate with: 

Head Coach

Hire a coach.


Choose which Sixer free agents to re-sign and which to let walk.


Select a player with pick 17. No trades. Hypothetical trades get too complicated.

Free Agency

Sign player(s) using the Mid-Level. Or don't.

Summer League

Orlando or Vegas? Or both? Which guys would you send/invite?

Fill out the roster

Fill out the rest of the roster with league minimum guys -- veterans or young-ins.


It's as simple as that. If you're one of the fans who lose sleep because of this off-season, tell us what you, the new Sixers GM, would have done differently. 

Off you go.

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