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Liberty Links: Miller to Portland, C.J. Watson and Jamaal Tinsley

The Blazers are making Andre Miller an offer.

The Portland Trail Blazers are preparing to make Miller an offer, according to a Western Conference general manager who requested anonymity because his team was not involved in the discussions.

And the Sixers withdrew their offer.

A source familiar with the situation said the Sixers have withdrawn their 1-year offer to the veteran point guard.

Jasner says the Sixers still have interest in C.J. Watson.

[The Sixers] still have interest in Golden State Warriors restricted free agent C.J. Watson, but have been told Watson wants more than 1 year in an offer.

Just offer him two years please!

But unfortunately they also have interest in Jamaal "I shoot 39 percent and miss 20 games a year" Tinsley.

The Sixers are talking about 6-3 Jamaal Tinsley, who was released by Indiana on Wednesday after the sides agreed on a buyout. The Pacers sat the seven-year vet for the 2008-09 season because of disciplinary issues. He was connected with three late-night conflicts in a 14-month span.

And in more slightly depressing news, the Sixers look to fill out their roster with one of these big men:

The Sixers are looking at 7-foot-1 Primoz Brezec (Toronto), 7-0 Aaron Gray (Chicago), 7-0 Ryan Hollins (Dallas), 6-11 Jake Voskuhl (Toronto), 6-10 Adonis Foyle (Orlando) and 6-11 Jared Reiner.

How about Garret Siler instead? Out of these bigs, Ryan Hollins is my personal favorite.