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Liberty Links: Veteran point guards

Often times a general manger is praised and/or criticized for the "big" players he signs. See: Elton Brand, Andre Iguodala, Samuel Dalembert. But where would the Sixers have been without the additions of Donny-Ice, Theophilus Ratliff, or Royal Ivey last season? 

Ed Stefanski inked Donyell Marshall to a contract worth the veteran's minimum last summer, and not only did Donny-Ice almost single-handedly win four or five games for the Sixers, but tutored the young guys as well. It is safe to say Ed got his monies worth.

Signing a player to the veteran's minimum is always a no-risk, high-reward deal. Sometimes they work out like Donny-Ice, and sometimes they ride the bench the entire season like Kareem Rush. 

This summer the Sixers are being very frugal with their cash, and rightfully so. However; it is absolutely essential for them to find a point guard, preferably a veteran, to play alongside Lou and Jrue. Signing the "right" veteran could be huge for the Sixers success, both short-term and long-term. And I don't think Ed can go wrong with any of these no-risk, high-reward guys. 

Courtesy Dei Lynam:

Jason Hart

Hart has never been a guy who is careless with the basketball, averaging less than 1 turnover for his career in almost 16 minutes of playing time. He's 31 years old, which would be a nice addition to a young team. Like Royal Ivey did last season, Hart would get after it on the defensive end.

Carlos Arroyo 

Arroyo has made 113 NBA starts. He battled with Jameer Nelson for the starting spot in Orlando two seasons ago and could provide the perfect competition for Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday.

Brevin Knight

Five years ago, Knight tied Steve Nash for the NBA's assist leader. He has had his fair share of injuries over the years, with his 80 games played in his rookie season, the highest total of his 12 year career.

Tyronn Lue

But Lue has had a fine career that began with the Lakers, where he won two NBA titles. He had his best years with the Hawks, for whom he started 76 games of the 189 that he played in. Over his career, he has averaged just 3 assists per game - but he's also a 39 percent three point shooter.

Juan Dixon

Juan Dixon is the familiarity free agent. Dixon played for Eddie Jordan in Washington, where he got his NBA start after an outstanding college career at the University of Maryland.

Bobby Jackson

[Jackson] can play either guard position, which would be appealing to the Sixers with Jordan's offensive scheme. He can make a three pointer and he has defensive skills, even at his age.

Luther Head

Head spent the first three-plus years of his NBA career in Houston, before being waived this past February. But in his second year with the Rockets, he shot 44 percent from the three, and averaged 11 points.

I prefer Arroyo, Knight or Hart.


Miscellaneous Links

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"We have to get to where those teams are," Stefanski said. "Right now, they're in the right position as far as playing for championships, and they're adding pieces. We have a plan we're following, and we feel we're heading in the right direction. It's not going to happen overnight."

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