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Cheap Point Guards

Another veteran point guard became available today in the form of Earl Watson. In light of Earl's new-found availability I thought I'd throw out a short list of point guards who might be available for cheap, and worth taking a look at.

  • Earl Watson
  • Brevin Knight
  • Marcus Williams
  • Anthony Carter
Slim pickings huh? I'm working on a couple legitimate Sixers posts to give you guys something to read, so hang tight.

And here's a nightly nugget from the Summer League: I've been told that when Eddie Jordan took over the Wizards he wanted to sign Kevin Ollie to run his offense rather than Gilbert Arenas. Take it for what it's worth, but Kevin Ollie is currently still on the market. He's pretty dang old, and has a super-ugly mustache, but he's still out there...

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