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Kapono for Evans

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Just a few hours ago the Sixers traded Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono. I'm loving the deal for obvious reasons. The Sixers were dead last in three-point shooting last year, so what does Ed Stefanski do? He trades one of our semi-expendable players for one of the best three-point shooters in the league (45 percent for his career).

I loved the energy, intensity and rebounding Reggie provided for the Sixers. His presence off the bench will be missed (by me anyways). Here's the problem -- the Sixers will have a crowded front court next season. Samuel Dalembert, M16, Elton Brand, Jason Smith, and possibly Thaddeus Young will have to fight for minutes at two positions. The bottom line is, there wasn't any room for Reggie.

Jason Kapono on the other hand, fills a need. In the previous 365 days, I would bet that one this blog alone, there were over 200 discussions/complaints about not having a three-point shooter. Well, here ya go. Jason Kapono might not be able to play defense. He might not be able to rebound or pass -- but he can shoot. This trade will be a huge success in my mind if Kapono gives us 20+ minutes of 40 percent three-point shooting and 80 percent free throw shooting. High expectations? Not at all. Kapono has only failed to shoot those percentages once in his five-year career.

Chalk another one up for the off-season king, Ed Stefanski. I couldn't have dreamt of a better player to receive in return for Reggie Evans.

Note: I visited three Raptors blogs to read their reactions to the deal. Check out their comments after the jump...

Raptors Republic

  • Asta la vista, Jason Kapono.
  • you have got to be kidding me? the raps gave up one of the best 3-pt shooters in league history for THIS guy?
  • Incredible!! Love this trade!!
  • Brilliant trade. What’s the salary difference?
  • Awesome, gone are the days of the dribble then float.
  • this trade is good for both teams, but it goes against my beliefs.
  • On the surface this looks like a nice trade for both sides…but is it? Philly really needed a guy to replace Korver, and JK will be a nice add to that roster.
  • Nice trade BC! I see no downside to ridding the team of Kapono for a tough rebounder.

Seems like both team's fans have mixed emotions -- with the good out-weighing the bad.

Raptors Blog by Doug Smith

  • Good trade. Hopefully there are no strings attached (like us having to give up a future pick or something)
  • F'ing awesome trade.
  • There better be some financial reasons
  • Sad to see JK go, but a great trade for the RAPTORS!
  • Great deal! Thanks for the update Doug.
  • Great pick up, Kapano never really fit in with this team and didn't shoot / make enough 3's to warrant his contract.

  • Seriously though, what a nice move this is. Get rid of a soft defenseless 3 point specialist who seems to prefer running floaters to actual three pointers... for proven toughness and rebounding depth, two things the Raptors need badly? Love it.
  • Unfortunately, Evans is an idiot.
  • at least Chris Kaman won't rebound against us anymore

The Chris Kaman comment was just too good to pass up.

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