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2009 NBA Draft (Pre-Draft Thread)

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It's only 9 o'clock on the west coast -- I don't care -- it's midnight somewhere. Therefore; I officially declare this.. DRAFT DAY! I'm stoked. I've been waiting for this day since the final buzzer sounded in the Sixers season. After all, it is my second favorite day of the year. Here's my top 5, in order:

  • The NFL Draft
  • The NBA Draft
  • NBA and MLB Trade Deadlines
  • NBA, MLB, NFL opening days
  • Thanksgiving Day Football

(I think that my top five speaks volumes about my sports life. None of the major championships are enjoyable to me, because my teams are never in them! Therefore, I resort to days like opening day and the draft to provide me with sports ecstasy for a couple hours.)

Maynor, Lawson, Flynn, Jennings -- a million names are running through my head. A million scenarios are running through my head. Will Ed Stefanski move up? Will he move down? Will he acquire a second rounder? Will Sam Dalembert be a Sixer by the end of the night? It's safe to say I'm jacked.

Anyway, to the point of this post. This will be a 24-hour draft thread. From midnight to midnight, this is you're forum to discuss all things NBA draft. I took the day off work. I plan on sitting on my laptop from the time I wake up tomorrow, until the time I go to bed. So, if you want to talk about anything tomorrow (today), I'll be happy to talk. I'm sure I'll be watching Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince re-runs leading up to the draft, so you might be doing me a favor (no offense Zach Morris).

Why don't you go ahead and start with 2 things: 1. Your dream scenario, 2. Assuming we stay at 17, who you want.

1. Trade up for Ricky Rubio

2. Brandon Jennings to fall, or Eric Maynor.

Off, you, go!

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