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Liberty Links -- 06/02/09

Princeton offense only as good as the players | Philadelphia Daily News 

The Godfather of the Princeton Offense, Pete Carril (I'm naming my kid Pete Carrol so he can be a legendary coach), describes the Princeton Offense...

"It's one-third Boston Celtics during the good old days when they were passing and cutting, one-third the Knick offense [from the early 1970s] and one-third was what I developed over the course of the years trying to do those things," Carril said.

And an interesting comment on the Andre Miller situation...

Jordan and Stefanski both said they would like Miller back, but also said they are not sure a point guard is terribly significant in the offense. Those "interchangeable parts" again.

Rich Hofmann: For Sixers' Stefanski, Jordan, the bull's-eye just got bigger | Philadelphia Daily News

Good news from an economic standpoint, if you buy what Stefanski is selling...

"Never," he said. "[Sixers chairman] Ed Snider said, 'If you find a coach you want, we will do whatever it takes.' He said the same thing, basically, when we got Elton Brand. The money was never a factor."

Stefanski says Jordan was right fit | Philadelphia Inquirer

"We got all of their ideas, and how they would implement it," said Stefanski, who received rave reviews on Jordan from such basketball luminaries as Jerry West and Pat Riley.

Jerry West and Pat Riley are two great references for Jordan's resume.

Lawson to workout Friday | Philadelphia Inquirer 

According to a source familiar with the situation, North Carolina guard Ty Lawson is one of five players the 76ers are scheduled to bring in Friday for workouts.

The other four are: Toney Douglas, Stefon Jackson, Jodie Meeks and Terrence Williams.

76ers' Eddie Jordan accepts challenge | Philadelphia Inquirer 

Jordan said his offense would turn at least one, possibly two, and maybe even three current Sixers into all-stars.

Don't believe him? That's fine. Here's what he has to say about that...

Jordan said that the "proof would be in the pudding," that he would win over doubters "when they see our team perform, playing unselfish, smart basketball."

Lynam: Eddie Jordan up to the 'Challenge'

"Everyone has to buy in. I think [Sam Dalembert] will be great because his defense is great. I think he is athletic enough to run the floor. If he is in the locker room we will do our best to get him involved in the offense. If it doesn't happen then you have other alternatives. He can't play if he doesn't want to play unselfish basketball."

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