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"Oh damn, The Artist can post stories now."

Yes he can.  At least one member of Silent Destruction got the callup to help Jordan out with some front page stuff, and I'm sure Tanner's time will come soon.  I'll mostly be doing college stuff, and I'm currently working on an article about the point guards in this draft, but I may try my hand at some pro stuff from time to time. 

Big ups to JSams for running the best Sixers blog solo for a while, I'll try to keep churning out quality work as Ambassador to the College Basketball Universe (ACBU).  I'll be responsive to all questions and keep my insults and bravado to a (reasonable) minimum. 

One week til the draft, I can't contain my excitement

-TAFKAMB AKA The Artist AKA Mike Bourn AKA Silent Destruction

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