Sammy D to Bobcats?

A rumor popped up this week that has Samuel Dalembert going to the Charlotte Bobcats for Nazr Mohammed and Vladimir Radmanovic, with the Sixers either getting a second-round pick in the NBA Draft or swapping first-round picks (17 for 12) with the Bobcats. -- PhillyBurbs This would be an amazing trade. Again, if you asked me, "Jordan, what trade would be the best possible trade of Samuel Dalembert and be realistic at the same time?" It'd be this one. Mohammed and Radmanovic both each have 6 million dollar contracts which expire in two years (just like Sam). The difference between them and Sam is, neither one of them would complain as much as Sam. Not to mention, Vladimir Radmanovic would give the Sixers another three-point threat. (38 percent for his career) Then you throw in a second rounder or move up five spots in the draft? I wouldn't have even looked twice at a rumor like this until the Jason Kapono trade. With Ed Stefanski, anything is possible!