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Liberty Links - June 16, 2009

Eddie Jordan's consuming passion | Philadelphia Inquirer 

After reading Fagan's latest column, I now feel like I have a full understanding of Eddie Jordan the person, as well as Eddie Jordan the coach. I realize any story can be manipulated to portray some thing or some one a certain way, but this felt real to me. The stories felt real. The quotes felt real. EJ sounds like a great person and a passionate coach. The only question is whether he has the ability to turn a young, inexperience team into a tough, disciplined team -- something Tony DiLeo and Mo Cheeks failed to do. Whether you love Eddie Jordan, or hated the hiring, this is a must read.

They also said Jordan is addicted to basketball. A few even sounded slightly worried, as if Jordan suffers from an affliction they narrowly escaped.

76ers' Royal Ivey declines option | Philadelphia Inquirer 

Now the question becomes: do the Sixers re-sign Ivey or do they let him walk? Ivey was one of the Sixers best perimeter defenders last season, but is he really worth more than the one million dollars he opted out of? Right now I'm undecided on what the Sixers should do. I think a lot of it depends on whether or not Andre Miller returns and who they draft.

Sixers Draft Central via CSN Philly

Lynam: A Look Back at the 17th Pick

Dei Lynam looks at the history of the 17th pick.

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