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Liberty Links -- 06/01/09

Sixers' new coach Eddie Jordan comfortable in Princeton and Philly | Philadelphia Daily News 

Phil Jasner gives a little background on Eddie Jordan.

"From what I saw, I think more organization on a consistent basis would've helped this team," Jordan told the Daily News last night. "The offense is always good for the best players, and it's also good for the ones who don't score a lot going one-on-one."

Eddie Jordan ready for the challenge | Philly 

Jordan is saying all the right things so far.

Stefanski said what "sealed the deal" was Jordan's second interview, which included more than 4 hours of "chalk talk." "We came away wowed," Stefanski said. "This is the guy for us. He fits our need as a leader from a communication standpoint. He fits our need as an X and O guy and the development of young players. We are thrilled to have Eddie Jordan as the coach of the 76ers."

4 hours of "chalk talk"? My goodness. I could barely sit through my 2 hour and 40 minute summer class.

After two years of the Sixers making the playoffs and losing in the first round, Jordan said the team was "ready to take the next step" and vowed that this team would "play harder, smarter and longer than our opponents."

Simply reading EJ's quotes motivate me. I'm impressed.

O'Koren, McKie to assist Jordan with 76ers | Philadelphia Inquirer

The rest of Jordan's assistants have yet to be hired.

Dalembert likes Sixers, but not 'the inconsistency' | Philadelphia Daily News 

"I'm not somebody who causes trouble; I'm not somebody not trying my best. When coaches are consistent with me, you can expect the numbers I can give. But it has to go both ways; if they don't think I can do what they need in the time they give me, good luck finding somebody else."

Sam does nothing but re-assure me that I don't want him around next season. In a perfect world, he'd accept his role -- whatever that may be --  and be a team player. Looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.

Courtney Witte on the new NBA Draft Combine

SIXERS.COM caught up with Sixers' director of player personnel Courtney Witte and spoke with him about the new NBA Draft Combine.

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