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Coaching Carousel

We have the Avery Johnson interview where he says some absurd things about the Sixers roster.

We have the Doug Collins possibility.

John Langel, Doug Collins' longtime agent, told the Daily News unequivocally that neither he nor Collins had, in any way, contacted the Sixers, nor had there been any contact from the Sixers.

Langel said that he did not know the source of the speculation, but that even though Collins has consistently left the door open to a return to coaching, he would not pursue any situation that had a coach in place.

Langel made it clear that Collins wanted to avoid becoming what he termed "a distraction" similar to the media frenzy created during last season's playoffs.

"Certainly last year, he had an interest [in coaching]," Langel said. "He said if the right situation ever arose, he would be intrigued, but it would have to be the right situation, the right group of players. But he does not seek positions, particularly when someone is already in that position with a team; he has a good relationship with Tony DiLeo and has great respect for him and the job he has done.

"At this point, Doug is totally invested in his broadcasting career, but has, as he has done in the past, left the door open."

Doug Collins? His name came out of nowhere. What do we know about Collins besides he's a good TV analyst and he coached Michael Jeffery Jordan? Even with Michael Jordan, Collins has never won more than 54 games. However; are win totals a proper way to judge a head coach's ability?

We have the Eddie Jordan possibility.

While no interviews are known to have been scheduled, ex-Washington coach Eddie Jordan is still believed to be a top candidate along with former Phoenix and Seattle coach Paul Westphal.

The Kings may soon have competition for Jordan, whose name has been connected to the Philadelphia 76ers should interim coach Tony DiLeo leave his post to return to the team's front office.

Avery Johnson rumors, Doug Collins rumors, and Eddie Jordan rumors -- this has to mean Tony DiLeo is gone, right?

What do you guys think? I guess Eddie Jordan is my favorite by default, but not a single one of these candidates excite me.


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