Pimp Your Prospect

The NBA draft is approaching fast, and every year there are a handful of players who fall farther than they should, and end up making a team with a pick in the 20-40 range very happy. It's easy to say, "Oh man, this kid Ricky Rubio is going to be a stud." Duh, but what about some of the lesser known guys -- sleepers if you will. There is no better feeling than 'pimping your sleeper' before the draft and either a) seeing him drafted by your team and succeeding, or b) drafted by another team and succeeding, prompting the "I told ya so" statement a year later.

So, this is your forum. This is your stage to "Pimp Your Prospect" before the draft. If you drop a sleeper's name in the comment box, they will live forever in the Liberty Ballers archives. A year or two down the road we can come here and say, "Wow, the Legend was on the money about Dionte Christmas!"

And as we each pump out our individual sleepers, one can only hope that the Sixers are able to make their way into the second round and snatch one of these guys up.

I'll start it off with a guy projected to go in the second round, who I believe will have a real solid NBA career. I'd be super excited if the Stefanski found a way to get this guy in the second round...

A.J. Price


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