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Eddie Jordan

The Sixers search for a new head coach is officially over. The winner -- Eddie Jordan. For me, it was the right move. Was it a "sexy" signing? No. Is Jordan going to garner a lot of Sixers hype going into next season? No. But will he get the job done? I think so.

Bill Simmons described the current state of the NBA best, when he referred to it as the "No Balls Association". Reality is, 10 percent of NBA teams take chances, and out of those 10 percent, only 5 percent take the right chances. The rest of the league falls somewhere between predictable and stupid. 

I like the signing, but was it predicable? Absolutely. The minute Mo Cheeks was fired, both Stephen A. Smith and resident psychic, John, predicted Eddie Jordan would be hired. Personally, I'd prefer a league where fans were unable to predict the signing of a recycled head coach, but hey, that's the way the NBA is, and I've accepted it.

Since Allen Iverson left, the Sixers have been lacking an organized offense -- especially in the half-court. It's safe to say, those days are over. With Eddie Jordan comes the Princeton Offense. What does this mean for the Sixers and their roster? Honestly, I haven't a clue right now. Now that the Jordan signing is official, I plan on taking my 'Princeton Offense for Dummies' book to my quiet place, and studying it until I either a) learn it or b) grow a beard. 

From what I've heard, it takes a little brain power to play in the PO. Good news is, a certain Sam has zero of it. (As far as basketball goes. The dude might be brilliant otherwise. You never know.)

That's all I can tell you right now. I don't feel knowledgeable enough (yet) to sit here and make hasty claims. After I learn the Princeton Offense, expect roster analysis.

Until then, watch this video breaking down the PO basics.

Now, a little reaction on the signing from people way cooler than me.

Andre Iguodala's Twitter

NBA front office moves are like highly anticipated rap albums....the always get leaked! Congrats eddie jordan...

Ed Stefanski

"I saw firsthand the immense impact Eddie Jordan had in helping the Nets reach two NBA Finals and as the head coach in Washington he consistently put his teams in a position to win on a nightly basis," Stefanski said late Friday in a statement. "He embodies all the qualities I was looking for in the next head coach of the Sixers and we are very excited to have him in Philadelphia."

Eddie Jordan

"We had had some tremendous success together. There's a lot of positives in that, a lot of hard work in that."

"veteran scout" on how the Andres fit

"Iguodala can be a ball-stopper and Miller does not like complicated offenses," said one veteran scout.

Charles Barkely

"I think Eddie Jordan would be a fine choice," Barkley said on Thursday. "I think they're going to have a good, solid team."

Sactown Royalty

Losing Eddie Jordan Sucks, But It Probably Doesn't Matter

There you have it. Consider yourself and Eddie Jordan officially acquainted. 


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