Point guard prospect: Blake Ahearn

I originally heard of this dude when John brought him up a few months ago. Blake Ahearn, a 24-year old D-League point guard could be worth taking a look at.

He played 47 games in the D-League this season and in those games he shot 43 percent from beyond the arch and 96 percent from the free throw line. Sounds like the pure shooter we've been looking for.

Blake was also brought up from the D-League to play for the Spurs in 6 games and shot 50 percent from downtown and 100 percent from the line. Small sample size, I realize, but why not take a flier? He's a low-risk, high-reward guy.

If you're like me and your initial reaction to this is, "You just tell me where to sign bub!" It's very simple. Currently, Blake is a free agent. I'm not even advocating that Stefanski sign him to a guaranteed contract. All I'm asking is for is an invite to the summer league. 

Apparently Ahearn has a workout scheduled with the Pacers next week, and according to Ridiculous Upside, he has more workouts planned. We can only hope that one of those mysterious workouts is with the Sixers. My question is: why not?

Side note: Scott from Ridiculous Upside apparently texted Blake to inquire about his Summer League plans and Blake's reply was, "No not yet... have not decided which team I'm going with. Gonna go to some workouts first." Take that for what it's worth.

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