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Game 79: Cavs @ Sixers preview


Cle_2_medium @ Phi_medium
91.2 Pace 92.8
14.9 Ast 14.4
22.1 TOR 23.6
27.4 ORR 31.0
74.5 DRR 71.7
51.9 RR 51.2
51.7 eFg% 48.4
55.8 TS% 53.0
109.3 Off Eff 104.4
99.2 Def Eff 103.9


Tonight's game should be an easy win for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Cleveland Cavaliers have complied the best record in the NBA, but have done so though pure luck and biased officiating. 

Teams often over-look the Cavs, and I can see why by glancing at their roster. LeBron James is good -- not great. He has done nothing to warrant himself as one of the premiere players in the league. As for his teammates, they're all garbage -- I mean complete scrubs. I see no reason why the Sixers can't put it in 'cruise control' and come out of Wachovia with win number 41.


The Sixers have no chance. None. With a way they've been playing since King Thaddeus went down with the ankle sprain, this could be a playoff preview. That's right folks, we've went from pursuing the four seed to trying to avoid the eight seed in just 48 hours.

My view on the whole situation is, at least we'll have another playoff series under our belt. Then come next year, with a healthy Thad and a healthy Brand, we can focus on earning home-court advantage and actually winning a series. Patience my children.

And who knows, maybe the Sixers will run the table, grab the fifth seed and beat the Hawks in the first round. They've proven me wrong many times before, so why not again? I'm not giving up by any means. I'm just keepin' it real.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the season; however long that may be.

See you tonight in the game thread where we'll have to think of some new and exciting rule, much like we did with a Pacers game earlier this season.

Until then...

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