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Bulls beat Sixers

Box Score

Blog a Bull

I'm not too upset about this loss. The reality is, we're a bad team without Thaddeus and Elton. Make no bones about it. 

However; there is some good news -- the Sixers are already guaranteed a playoff spot. The bad news is, they might not win another regular season game until next season. Remind yourself of these last three games and then look at the remaining schedule.


@ Tor


@ Cle

Can anyone honestly convince me that the Sixers will win any of those games without Thaddeus? No.

The Sixers are limping to the finish line, but hopefully a healthy Thad and a fresh start with rejuvenate everyone, including me, come April 18th. If nothing else, I'd like to see the Sixers give the Magic or Celtics a scare.

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, you can forget about the four seed, five seed and maybe even six seed. It sucks Thaddeus got hurt, but [bleep] happens.

Two things about the game itself: 

  1. I don't care who's hurt or how tired you are, shooting 59 percent from the free throw line is completely unacceptable and embarrassing. I hope the Sixers, specifically Andre Iguodala, got a good look at Tyrus Thomas's stroke from the line, because he was 14-14. The Sixers were a collective 16-27. The Bulls shot 100 percent from the line. That's right, 100 percent. 
  2. Bonehead move on Tony DiLeo's part by playing Andre Iguodala 42+ minutes. Why in the world he would play his fatigued star 42+ minutes in a blowout, with a back-to-back against the Cavs on the horizon? Why?
That's it. The LeBrons come to Philly tomorrow and I have zero confidence that the Sixers will even make a game out of it. I suggest we approach the final four games like pre-season games. We have to understand we're already in the playoffs and without Thad, we simply cannot compete against upper-echelon teams. So let loose Sixers fans. We'll have some fun tomorrow in the game thread.


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