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Game 78: Sixers @ Bulls Preview


Phi_medium @ Chi_medium 
92.8 Pace 95.9
14.4 Ast 14.5
23.6 TOR 23.8
31.0 ORR 28.3
71.7 DRR 71.1
51.2 RR 49.8
48.4 eFg% 49.2
53.0 TS% 54.0
104.4 Off Eff 104.8
103.9 Def Eff 105.7


The Heat are idle tonight, and play Boston tomorrow night. The problem with that is, our match-up tomorrow night is even more difficult then theirs. King James and the Cavs come to town and we'll be coming off a back-to-back -- not a good combination.

Tonight's game is considered one of the "easy" ones on the Sixers schedule, so lose and kiss the fifth seed good-bye. It's not going to be easy. The Bulls have been ballin' as of late, winning 9 of their past 12 and play on their home floor tonight.

I'm still holding on to a sliver of hope that we are able to wrestle the five seed away from D-Wade and the Heat, but the Sixers are not a good team without Thaddeus Young -- plain and simple.

The game's at 8 eastern. It's a rare TNT game for us so let's make it a good one, and try not to look as pitiful as we have in three out of the last four halves of basketball we've played.

By the way, according to Hollinger's stats, the Bulls look like they're the better team, despite what their record says. I hear they have a horrible coach, however. Check out Blog-a-Bull to find out all about both him and his mullet.


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