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Game 77: Sixers @ Bobcats preview

Phi_medium @ Cha_medium 
92.9 Pace 90.8
14.4 Ast 15.2
23.7 TOR 26.4
31.1 ORR 27.7
71.8 DRR 73.2
51.3 RR 50.6
48.4 eFg% 49.7
53.1 TS% 53.8
104.3 Off Eff 101.8
103.8 Def Eff 103.2


Sunday's loss against the Nets was as bad of a loss that any team could have had, especially at this point in the season. The Sixers need to put that loss behind them and come out blazing tonight. With six games remaining and the fifth seed up for grabs, they can't sit back and wait for wins to come to them, or hope Miami loses. They need to go get wins -- like tonight in Charlotte.

The Larry Brown-led Bobcats came into Philadelphia a little over a week ago and handed the Sixers a costly 'L'. They were playing very solid basketball at the time, going 9-5 in the month of March. April's been a different story. The Bobcats have lost three close games, esentially eliminating them from contention for the eigth and final playoff seed.

However; three straight losses won't prevent the 'Cats from playing hard tonight. Larry Brown will have them ready to go, and they'll have extra motivation, considering this will be their final home game of the season.

I expect a sloppy, turnover-ridden game. I don't care how ugly it is, or how they do it, but the Sixers have to come up with a win tonight -- absoluetely have to.

The ultimate goal is the fifth seed and the Sixers schedule only gets tougher. The Heat currently hold a half game lead on the Sixers and host the Hornets tonight. Never have I rooted harder for CP3 and the Hornets.

I only have one key to the game tonight. Win. Just win. Dig deep down and find a way to win.

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