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Andre Pippen

As I made my internet rounds this morning, I came across a TrueHoop article which caught my attention. The specific article links to a BasketballProspectus article by Kevin Felton. In Felton's article he compares current NBA'ers to the six NBA players on the Hall of Fame's list. Our own Andre Iguodala makes an appearance.

Chris Mullin
Five boards, two steals, an efficient 22 points without a ton of 3s from a swing man ... that's what Chris Mullin did in the 1991-92 season. And that's a lot like Kevin Durant, which is why the highest score in this whole similarity exercise comes from the Thunder's Kevin Durant.

The next time someone tells Durant he plays like Chris Mullin will certainly be the first, won't it? That's why I love these comparisons.

   -  Kevin Durant 96.2

   - Michael Redd 96.1

   - Jason Richardson 96.1

   - John Salmons 95.4

   - Andre Iguodala 95.3

Being compared to any Hall of Famer is flattering, but the flat-topped Chris Mullin isn't the player I had in mind. 

The future Hall of Famer most Sixers fans like to compare Iggy to is Scottie Pippen. Felton's formula is intriguing, but I don't have access to his calculations, so I decided to do a little research and simple math of my own. Click through for a chart comparing the first five years of both Iguodala's and Pippen's careers.







398 G 398
37.9 MP 33.6
5.4 FGM 6.3
11.5 FGA 12.8
.468 FG% .495
0.8 3PM 0.2
2.5 3PA 0.9
.323 3P% .250
4.0 FTM 2.7
5.2 FTA 3.9
.756 FT% .693
1.1 ORB 1.9
4.5 DRB 4.4
5.7 TRB 6.3
4.3 AST 4.9
1.8 STL 1.9
0.5 BLK 1.0
2.4 TOV 2.8
2.3 PF 3.2
15.5 PTS 15.6


The numbers are pretty similar. The biggest differences are the percentages, but if you look at the averages in the major statistical categories the numbers are extremely close.


Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks
Iguodala 15.5 5.7 4.3 1.8 0.5
Pippen 15.6 6.3 4.9 1.9 1.0


So on a day when I'm choosing to give myself a mental break from the Sixers and their playoff push, it puts a smile on my face that I can sit here and compare Andre Iguodala to players like Chris Mullin and Scottie Pippen. Now we just need to find the Batman to Andre's Robin, and I think we're close with this guy. Get well soon Thad. 

Enjoy opening day baseball everyone. My beloved Astros open the season in less than three hours. Try to spend the whole day not thinking about yesterday's loss or the playoff push. You'll be a lot healthier for it. We'll get back to work tomorrow. 

Until then...



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