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Liberty Ballers


Where Donny-Ice happens. Where YouTube clipshot girls and "YES, OH YES!" happens. I'm proud to call myself a Liberty Baller.

None of this would be possible without the readers, so I want to personally thank anyone who has ever read, commented, or posted on the site. You guys made it all worthwhile.

Give me a day or two to gather myself and I'll come back full force to dissect the off-season. We have free agency, the draft, the summer league and potential trades to look forward to. It should be fun.

And a special thanks to my loyal commenters: Ben, Tanner, Eric, Sexy T-Rex, John, Saul, doubleh, phillyhoosfan, Jeff, soman319, zfg, sixersforlife, YoSixers, Justin, tk76, Ron, stillhotish, DeanH, Ricky, MikeBourn, ajay, Remis, The Legend, Whodie and Fuqua.

I love you guys and hope to see you in the off-season. 

88 games later here we are. Mucho analysis on the way. Until then...


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