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Links: NBA Bloggers and Andre Iguodala

The past 24 hours have been depressing, so instead of reading why the Sixers lost or staring at pictures like this for the rest of the day, here are two articles I highly recommend. 

Matt Moore from Hardwood Paroxysm has a "polite request" for NBA bloggers. He makes fun of the way we write recaps, and actually makes some good points. After reading Moore's piece, I realize I do exactly what he says not to do. The question is, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Here's an article by Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus praising everyone's favorite Andre.

Andre Iguodala has quietly raised his game to an elite level. 

Pelton's article should open some eyes to the greatness that is Andre Iguodala. I'm glad he's finally receiving some national recognition. Is it too early to start the "Iguodala for 2009-2010 NBA All-Star" campaign? 

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