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Game-winner part 2

Box score

This Quarter Collapse

Two wins, two game-winners. What more could you ask for? Thad's wasn't as dramatic as Iguodala's, but amazing nonetheless. 

The Sixers failed to dominate the game like I wanted, but there are no style points in the playoffs -- just wins and losses. They looked amazing for the first 30 minutes, but eventually blew a 17-point lead and needed a "baby legs" baby layup to win the game. How Thaddeus got his shot off over an outstretched Dwight Howard, I'll never know.

Honestly, whatever happens from here on out, we should be proud to call ourselves Sixers fans. The whole world thought we'd be lucky to win one game. We've won two. This is a 59-win team we're talking about. Through three games, the Sixers have given the Magic much more than anyone expected. Not only have our two wins been impressive, but they've been game-winners. In a year where Sixers fans have been devastated by game-winner after game-winner, the tables have finally turned, and it couldn't have happened at a better time.

We're up 2-1, yet "experts" continue to call us lucky. Good for them. What are they going to say if we win two more games? The more doubters, the better the wins feel, so keep 'em coming.

Sixers best performer: Andre Iguodala -- you can't say enough about this guy. He hit big shot after big shot tonight. His jumper was smooth. He forced the issue and got to the line when the offense stalled. He sensed when his team needed him and flipped the proverbial switch. He's officially arrived folks. I love Andre Iguodala.

Sixers worst performer: Bill Green would win this award every night if we let him, but I'm going with Lou Williams. Lou missed three huge free throws and he blew a huge defensive assignment on Rashard Lewis. We need Lou to have more games like game one to win this series.

Every other Sixer played a solid game by my book and DiLeo did a decent job until the end where he played Bill Green. I'm not sure what his infatuation with playing Bill Green in the fourth is, but I don't like it.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day enjoying a 2-1 series lead and watching the NFL draft.

Until later...

P.S. Magic fans, you really have something special in Dwight Howard.


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