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Moving on...

A full 24 hours have passed since the magic that was game one, and it's time to address some of the hot topics before delving into game two.

Andre Iguodala

I love me some Iggy! Like I said in my recap, even prior to his dagger over Turkoglu, Andre played a near perfect game. He has officially redeemed himself for his awful showing in last year's playoffs. Against the Pistons he shot a collective 33 percent for the series, and I think it's safe to say he will not repeat that performance.

There are two questions/concerns I have regarding Iguodala for the rest of the series.

1. Will he be consistent?

2. How will his game-winner affect him?

Will he be consistent? I don't see why not. Unlike last year, he won't have Tayshaun Prince glued to him for an entire series. I saw zero evidence that there is anyone on Orlando's roster who can hang with him off the dribble. He simply has to "bring it" every night and he'll be fine. I also think he benefited greatly from the three days off.

Will the game-winner go to his head? This one scares me a little. Iguodala has hit numerous monster shots this season, and you could argue that his buzzer-beater in LA was as big as any. It seems like a matter of time before Iguodala gets carried away with his new-found clutchness. History has shown that Iguodala is unfazed by previous game-winners, so hopefully this one is no different.

Ultimately I think Iguodala will continue to impress, and I can't wait to see what he does for an encore.

Did the Sixers win the game or did the Magic lose it?

This is one of the dumbest sports arguments of all-time. In any sporting event, ever, you can make a case either way. The simple answer is -- both.

However; here's my counter to everyone's argument that the Magic gave the game away.

Did the Rockets "give the game away" when they blew a fourth quarter lead to the Sixers in Houston?

Did the Blazers "give the game away" when they lost an overtime game to the Sixers in Portland?

Did the Lakers "give the game away" when they blew a fourth quarter lead to the Sixers in Los Angeles?

Look at these home records: 32-9, 33-8, 39-2, 34-7 and 36-5.

What do they all have in common? Those five teams (Magic, Rockets, Blazers, Cavs and Lakers) have all lost a home game to the Sixers. They are a collective 174-31 at home, yet 2-5 against the Sixers. Luck or skill? You make the call.

For me, the answer is a combination of three things: Donny-Ice, heart and Andre Iguodala. Please don't tell me the Magic gave this game away again.

Do the Sixers have a realistic chance in this series?

In short, yes. They must stick with the game-plan by allowing Dwight to average 30-15 and prevent the three-ball. Andre Iguodala must continue to play his butt off, and DiLeo needs to play Donny-Ice until his legs fall off.

There's no need to become complacent with a split. The Sixers need to go for the jugular Wednesday night. Returning to Philadelphia with a 2-0 series lead would all but bury the Magic.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

"YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!"


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