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Stats of the Future

First thing's first. Someone think of a better title for this installment. "Stats of the Future" isn't going to cut it. It's just all part of the experimental process.

Once again, here's the break-down of the stats courtesy of Bill Simmons:

I want "mega-assists" (passes that create a layup or a dunk) and "half-assists" (for each made foul shot). I want "unforced turnovers," like in tennis (Tony Allen would be Wilt Chamberlain in this category), and "nitty-gritties" (some combination of charges taken, deflections, balls saved from going out of bounds and rebounds tipped to teammates). I want "Unselds" (a long outlet pass that leads to an assist for a layup or a dunk) and "Russells" (a blocked shot directed to a teammate).

I've made a few changes to Bill's stat categories, eliminating "Unselds" and replacing them with "Iguodalas". An "Iguodala" is when a player -- specifically Andre Iguodala -- grabs a defensive rebound and takes the ball coast-to-coast for an easy bucket. There's no one in the league who does it like Iggy, hence the name "Iguodalas".


Andre Miller - 5

Andre Iguodala - 2

Donyell Marshall - 1


Andre Miller - 7

Lou Williams - 2

Unforced turnovers

Andre Miller - 5

Theophilus Ratliff - 2

Samuel Dalembert - 1

Andre Iguodala - 1

Lou Williams - 1

Donyell Marshall - 1


Andre Iguodala - 7

Reggie Evans - 4

Marreese Speights - 2

Samuel Dalembert - 2

Andre Miller - 1

Lou Williams - 1

Theophilus Ratliff - 1

Royal Ivey - 1

Donyell Marshall - 1


Here are a couple observations:

  • It was nice to see M16 get on the board with 2 nitty-gritties
  • If we added Andre Miller's "mega-assists" and "half-assists" to his total, he would have 19.5 assists on the night.
  • I'm having a really hard time determining "unforced turnovers", so the numbers might be a little skewed. If anyone would like to offer their concrete definition of an "unforced turnover" be my guest.
  • I challenge someone to dig up the last time Samuel Dalembert too a charge. I'm willing to bet that he has less than 10 in his career.
Team leaders after two games
Stat Player
Mega-assists Andre Miller - 8
Half-assists Andre Miller - 7
Nitty-gritties Andre Iguodala - 9
Unforced turnovers Andre Miller - 6


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