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Sixers 55 Bucks 36

Box Score

Brew Hoop

The Sixers outscored the Bucks by 19 points in the second half. The were passionate, they showed heart, and displayed killer instinct against an inferior team.

Sure, the first half was ugly -- doesn't matter. I've used the saying, "Bad teams find a way to lose games," to describe tough Sixers losses earlier this season. Tonight, they banned together and refused to let that happen. Maybe their not so bad after all?

Here's the updated standings:


Seed Team Winning %
5th Philadelphia 76ers (39-35) .527
6th Miami Heat (39-36) .520


Big games from Lou, M16 and Donny-Ice in the absence of Thad.

Considering I only caught the final 13 minutes live, that's all I have for now.

I'm about to review the tape and track the "Stats of the Future."

Until then...

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