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Magic Number: <34%

No pun intended.

I just finished some number-crunching -- nothing special -- just some three-pointers. I've discovered that the 34% is the magic number as far as opponent's three-point percentage in concerned.

Record when holding opponents below 34 percent:


Record when opponents shoot 34 percent or higher:


Two things.

1. I was shocked the Sixers held their opponents under 34 percent almost as often as as they didn't.

2. The key to the series just became more specific: Hold Orlando below 34 percent four out of seven games and win. Don't, and lose.

For the record, the Magic shot 41, 36, and 35 percent against the Sixers this season. There's no coincidence that their 3-0 against us.

So remember the number "<34", not to be confused with <3.


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