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Encouraging quotes from Miller and Baby Legs

Miller on Orlando:

"We just wanted to put ourselves in position where we can try to do something in the playoffs," Miller said. "Boston is a team that people have in the conference finals. It's probably easier to go through Orlando than to try and match up with Boston, with Boston coming in with a lot of energy and trying to get through the first round as fast as they can."

Young on playing Orlando:

"I agree with 'Dre," Thaddeus Young said. "Orlando's a great team, but we definitely want to play them. Boston is fresh off a championship. That's the worst thing you can do is go play a team that just won a championship. They're going to want to get back and be hungry."

Young on the Defense:

"Our defense is horrible right now," Young said. "We've got to go out there and focus in and stop guys. It can't be, 'OK, if a guy hits a shot, I'll get him next time.' "

Holding players accountable:

Iguodala has said he and the rest of the players should hold one another accountable for defensive lapses, especially in the postseason, when every possession is magnified. The team's defense has been better, at times, in the two games since Young's return, but it is inconsistent at best. So, expect to see some reprimands, Sixer-to-Sixer.

Young agrees:

"We want it to happen a little bit more," Young said. "We're letting guys get by."

Miller on the 3-day rest:

"It's going to help me. I've been playing a lot," Miller said.

And Young:

"It's an advantage for us. We like to run," Young said. "Other teams might be tired at this point of the year."

I like what I hear, especially from Thaddeus. He sounds like a seasoned veteran and a team leader.

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