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More Links: Lineup change, Lou-Will, and Mo Speights

Here are two articles from They overlap each other a little, but all in all provide some interesting information. Check 'em out.

Practicing defense by Ed Barkowitz

DiLeo left open the possibility of changing the lineup based on the opponent.

Please, please, please. We all know taking Willie and/or Sammy out of the lineup would work wonders for the team. Don't get me wrong, SOME nights Willie and Sammy actually help the team, but it's rare. They'd be much more effective coming off the bench, especially Willie.

There's so many possibilities too. DiLeo could either start Reggie or M16 at the four and slide Thad and Andre to the three and two, respectively. DiLeo could even start Speights or Theo at center. Anything is better than watching Willie and Sammy for the first 8 minutes of every first and third quarter.

Sixers look for answers by Kate Fagan

Williams insisted he has never been a guy that forces shots, but if DiLeo wishes him to be more aggressive, he'll "switch it up."

Whoa. We go from an encouraging quote to a frightening one. More shots for Lou-Will? Save me the horror! The dude's shooting 38 percent on the season, and he's coming off a month where he shot even worse -- 34 percent. Not to mention the fact that he averages two turnovers a game in just 22 minutes of action. I can't go into how bad Lou's been this season without writing a 600 page novel. I'll pass on that for now. But the fact that DiLeo wants him to be more aggressive, opposed to sitting him down and being like, "Yo Lou, you're playing like you're the worst player in the NBA some nights. You're hurting the team in every which way. Can you stop taking difficult shots, and jump-passing? I'm asking you nicely, because if you don't, you'll never see the floor again." No, instead gives him a vote of confidence, and tells him to be more aggressive. I'm not a fan.

Here's one more funny quote from everybody's man-crush, Mo Speights.

He said that he has already hit, and worked through, the "rookie wall."

Speights likened the rookie wall to a "hurricane" and said he hit it before the all-star break.

"You know how after a hurricane it's still raining?" Speights explained. "It's still raining a little."


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