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Links: Perimeter defense and Iguodala

Kate Fagan has a good article on the Sixers perimeter defense.

In the last five games, the Sixers have allowed 11.4 made three-pointers a game. 11.4.

11.4 is a lot of threes to give up per game, especially when you're only averaging 3.8 during that stretch. It sucks, because besides perimeter defense and perimeter shooting, the Sixers have played well enough to win a couple more games. This is something they have to improve on -- obviously.

This article via TrueHoop shows that Iguodala is "more effective than obvious".

On the subject of Iguodala, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban has his own player ratings, and Iguodala rates pretty high. Here's his explanation:

One more point, these numbers don’t reflect necessarily the best players in the league, but what they do reflect is the players that are being best put in a position to succeed and are delivering.
When their teams have a need, they deliver. Thats why some names are not the biggest names. its also a reflection of their coaches. Some coaches don’t necessarily use their players in the
best lineups or matchups, which negatively impacts their ability to perform. Others are consistently good at it.

Iguodala ranks fifth.

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