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Game 68: Sixers @ Kings preview

Tonight the Sixers will try to salvage what is left of their west coast trip in Sacramento. We all know how well the trip started, and how it looked like the Sixers were on their way to a 5-0 trip. Then, their old habits reared their ugly head and they lost back-to-back games to the Suns and Warriors. They didn't just lose to Phoenix and Golden State -- they got embarrassed. 

Pathetic is the one word that comes to mind when describing the Sixers last two games, so you can understand why my enthusiasm is running thin. That's hard to believe considering I wrote this paragraph after the Iguodala buzzer-beater.

This was the shot in the arm I needed, the fans needed, and the team needed, to finish off the rest of the season and head into the playoffs with some momentum. There's still four games left on this road trip including the one with Phoenix tomorrow. I have no idea how Iguodala and the Sixers are going to follow tonight's game, but I know one thing -- I can't wait to see it.

I should have known better. Every time the Sixers get a big win, I think, "This is it. This is the one. We're building on this win, and never looking back." And every single time, they come out and fall flat on their face in the next game or two.

I'm adopting a new approach to the rest of the season. It's cliche, but completely necessary with this team -- take one game at a time. Too often, I get too excited, or too down on this team after a big win or a bad loss. From now on, I'm neglecting momentum. Apparently there's no such thing with this team.

Tonight the Sixers play a 15-win team -- 15 wins! They should win by double-digits, but they won't. Instead I predict a sloppy, poorly played, grind it out game, where the Sixers barely find a way to get it done. And you know what, I'm completely fine with that. The Sixers need a win in the worst way.

That said, here are my 3 keys to the game, and I think you'll find them eerily similar to every other game.

3 keys


  • Defend the three.
  • Get to the line, and shoot at least 75 percent.
  • Play some GD defense! The Suns and Warriors shot a collective 57 percent from the field en route to scoring 245 points.
I'll see you at 9 eastern. In the meantime watch some college basketball. I'm really regretting my Gonzaga over North Carolina pick.


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