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Recap: Shaq, Suns beat 76ers

Box Score

Bright Side of the Sun

I don't have much to say about this game. Sure it was a letdown, but the Sixers are a young team. They were coming off an emotional win. They were also playing their second game of a back-to-back against an experienced, well-rested team. And the Suns are fighting just as hard, if not harder for playoff positioning. The odds weren't in the Sixers favor. I guess I just expected more after last night.

The worst part about tonight's loss was the amount of opportunities the Sixers had to steal the game. Unfortunately, they just ran out of gas. Look no further than the free throws when thinking about what "could have" been -- 67 percent. I can't stand missed free throws. I'm pretty sure me and a couple of Liberty Ballers could go out there and shoot better. These guys have been playing basketball they're whole lives. The 15-foot free throw line has never moved. There's no excuse to shoot this poorly.

The bottom line is, the Sixers had no business winning this game. Take nothing away from the Suns. They played a solid 48 minutes of basketball. We have to put this one behind us, take a day of rest, and go into Golden State on Friday and get on track.

Here are a few observations before I go finish my 2k game and hit the sack.

  • Lou played another good game. I love this Lou-Will.
  • Thad has been a completely different player these past few games. Me likey. I just wish the Sixers would realize that he's their best offensive player and give him the ball more.
  • Sammy D played decent in the first quarter, but sucked the rest of the way. It was his first bad game in a while.
  • I loved seeing Donny-Ice out there doing his thing. I hope he plays on a regular basis for the rest of the season. The only concern is his conditioning.
  • Andre Miller had a bounce-back game.
  • Iguodala went from locking Kobe down, to allowing Grant Hill to drop 21 on him. He looked tired though. He's played nearly 90 minutes in the past two nights.
  • This was probably M16's worst game of the year.
Goodnight guys and gals. Good luck with your brackets tomorrow, and if you haven't already, join our bracket.

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