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Game 65 Preview: Sixers @ Lakers

I'm running short on time, but don't let this brief preview fool you. The two games against the Lakers are two games I get up for, every season.

Tonight is the first game of the 'make or break' west-coast trip. 78 percent of us think the Sixers will win 2-3 games. I'm an optimist. I want four wins. I know the Sixers have it in them. A win tonight would be huge, huge, HUGE. The Lakers have four home losses in the entire season! Handing them their fifth loss seems unlikely, but remember when the Sixers went into Boston last March, battled back from 10 down and came out with a victory? At the time, the C's record was 55-14 -- very similar to the current Lakers record of 53-13. Like Kevin Garnett, "Anything is possible!"

Much like the Blazers games, the Lakers match-up always hits close to home for me, but unlike the Blazers, I cannot stand the Lakers. I seriously dislike every single Lakers player, and despise some of them. There are so many Lakers fans here in Vegas, it's ridiculous. They're so cocky too, which is why a win would be that much cooler.

Tonight I'll be watching the game with a life-long friend, who also happens to be a Lakers fan. We've witnessed some great moments together, including the Horry shot and the Fisher shot. Maybe the tides turn tonight, and we see an Iguodala buzzer-beater? Please? 

I've been talking up certain Sixers all year -- specifically M16, so it would be extremely satisfying if my buddy Alex witnessed what we witness nearly every night from Speights.

Okay, so I'm really running late now, and I wish I could write a lot more. I could write all day about playing the Lakers, but I'm going to settle for bullet points for the rest of the way.

  • Earth to DiLeo: Play Donny-Ice.
  • Earth to DiLeo: Throw Iguodala on Kobe -- not Green.
  • Earth to Reggie Evans: If you get a chance, do this to Sasha Vujacic.
  • The Lakers hit nearly 7 threes a game. That means they'll hit 17 tonight, unless Philly plays some perimeter D. I suggest DiLeo mentions that in his pre-game speech.
  • One more thing. I saved one of my favorite YouTube clips for tonight's game. A word of caution -- this might be extremely offensive to some people, so if you think there's any chance of you being offended, please don't watch it. I'll post it as one of the first comments in the game thread.

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